TradeMark Registration

What is a Trademark?

A trademark is a special symbol or words that a business uses to represent itself or its products. Once registered, this symbol or set of words cannot be used by any other organization, as long as it continues to be used and the necessary paperwork and fees are paid.

Unlike patents, which are granted for 20 years, trademarks never expire. To protect themselves from copycats, companies need to apply for a trademark and receive ownership confirmation from Trademark Office.

Over time, trademarks become closely associated with a company’s name. Just think of the apple shape with a bite taken out that Apple uses as its logo, the swoosh that Nike features on all its products, or the golden arches of McDonald’s.

The fact that we easily recognize symbols and words and connect them with companies and their brands is one of the greatest benefits of using trademarks. When a customer sees a familiar logo or phrase, they instantly recognize it, which can drive preference and, ultimately, sales.

Different Symbols for a Trademark?

When companies want to show that a trademark has been claimed, they use one of these symbols:

™ – This symbol lets competitors know that you’ve claimed the logo or phrase as your own, even if you haven’t formally applied for it.

® – Only trademarks officially granted by the Trademark office can use this symbol, which means it’s a registered trademark.

℠ – If a company provides services instead of products, they can use this service mark logo, but most just use the ™ for simplicity.

Benefits of Trademark Registration?:

Once a trademark has been granted, the owner receives three awesome benefits:

  1. They get a notice of claim to let other businesses know that the symbol or word is their trademark.
  2. They have a legal presumption of ownership, which can help keep others from using it.
  3. They also get the exclusive right to use the claimed trademark.

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